And, home of great stock art, type libraries, and formerly, design columns by Larry Miller
Isaac Asimov. One of many fine Web sites devoted to this master of science, science fiction, history, religion, and conjecture
Men's Health, a well-written and very well-designed publication The Rubiks Cube
Mac downloads worth checking out
Peoples Medical Society, sometimes available, controversial CNBC $$$$$
AOL home page
Fats Waller, great Harlem stride pianist, singer, entertainer, composer of Ain't Misbehavin' and 500 other tunes
Dr. Andrew Weil, best-known voice in alternative health Jackie Robinson Foundation, based on a personal hero crucial to the modern civil rights movement
Mac info of all kinds, MacInTouch, very very popular site
Dr. Gary Null, the second-best-known voice in alternative health? The Brooklyn Dodgers. Info on the world's greatest ever baseball team
Internet World trade pub
Toshiro Mifune, the truly great Japanese actor, best known for samurai roles in films by director Akira Kurosawa
And don't forget, if you are the top executive or top marketing executive of a corporation:
We at Listen, Write, Design, can help you coordinate many different creative vendors.
The Pushpin Group, one of the world's great design and illustration firms
Adobe Systems, publisher of PDF and PostScript, InDesign, GoLive, Photoshop, Illustrator, Creative Suite, and the Adobe type library
Akira Kurosawa, the great Japanese director of Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, High and Low, Kagemusha, Red Beard, Ikiru
Dogs Deserve Better, a great small courageous not-for-profit dedicated (!!!) to unchaining dogs kept often in a painful cruel confinement Milton Glaser, Inc., one of the world's great design and illustration firms
People's Pharmacy, radio, books, email, home remedies, Joe and Terry Graedon, yes Pentagram, one of the world's great design firms with one of the world's simplest Web home pages
Color Guides Links Pantone color guides are used to specify colors in Graphics Design, Textile Design, Plastics Design, and Web Design
Moondog, Louis Hardin, composer, percussionist, a true individualist in the most profound sense
Jonathan Schwartz, world-class disk-jockey / music raconteur / Sinatra aficionado. You will need to peruse the station's schedule to find Jonathan's weekend shows.
Understanding Digital Marketing by Ryan & Jones. Clean lean text for creatives and marketing pros to understand new media. Try
Nelson Riddle, brilliant song arranger and orchestrator for Sinatra, Clooney (Rosemary not George), Ronstadt, Garland, Nat Cole, Keely Smith
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Johnnie Ray, vocalist, Mr. Emotion, whose recording of "Cry" was instrumental in shifting the direction of popular music in the 19-fifties
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