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channel home centers ad flyer insert cover channel home centers ad flyer insert cover
Channel, a very successful, and the original do-it-yourself home center, was eventually bought by W. R. Grace and shortly disappeared. A few years later Home Depot was born. These were retail newspaper insert sections. The Shadow was drawn by Jerry Robinson (who autographed the piece). Jerry was the original ghost artist for Batman, he created The Joker, and co-created Robin (named after him?). Comics fans know the name though it never appeared in credits till recent archives editions were published by DC.

Retail is a challenge with the unending conflict between image-building (Target does a great job),

and the harsh hard-sell push of price sales, product promos, ugly coupons, bold and ugly layouts, and bringing in foot traffic now!

You see retail envelopes in your mailbox frequently. You see newspaper inserts. With the exception of a few fancy catalogs: Must it all look alike? Must it all be messy? Must it all be hard to decipher or read through for what you want? Must it all have the musty asterisk* and double–dealing double asterisk** copy that leads to distrust? Branding executives seek to build loyalty. Legalistic asterisks* seek to diminish their effectiveness (and are usually so small no one over 25 can read them).